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Bacon Blockchain Artwork Exchange

BaconEX, Bacon Blockchain Artwork Exchange, can tokenize artworks by using blockchain technologies. It is a method of art, internet, and finance that provides users with the most secure and user friendly towards purchasing, selling, and managing their digital artworks on this platform.


Offers the most secure investment for investors

BaconEX, Bacon Blockchain Artwork Exchange acts as a gatekeeper who hold responsibilities for risk assessment, for obtaining the latest market change, and for clearing defective products for these digital artworks based on the ESG method (Environment, Social Responsibility, and Corporate Governance).


Make a safe transaction for your digital artworks

BaconEX, Bacon Blockchain Artwork Exchange provides a decentralized wallet-to-wallet (W2W) transaction in seconds. The traffic runs through SSL encryption. Wallet uses encrypted storage. All accounts require a two-step verification. Despite your username and password, the two-step verification adds an extra protection to your account.


Three steps to join BaconEX

BaconEX, Bacon Blockchain Artwork Exchange allows everyone to make investment on millions of US dollars of artwork with a cost of coffee latte.

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    Create your Bacon wallet account

    BaconEX is based on Baconchain. Simply enter your email to create your Bacon wallet account.

  2. services

    Verify your ID

    The purpose of ID verification is to ensure legal rights and safety transactions. It is mandatory to earn a level-B or level-A verification when accessing advance transaction features.

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    Begin cryptocurrency and crypto-asset trading

    Join the blockchain with 150 million users around the globe and build a decentralized world with equal shares altogether.


Bacon Coin (BAK) trends

Bacon Coin is an ERC20 utility token based on the Ethereum that is used as gas in the Baconchain ecosystem.

BaconEX whitepaper

BaconEX, Bacon Blockchain Artwork Exchange whitepaper sets forth on explaining the ecosystem in BaconEX, market positioning, and technical characteristics, based on its Baconchain and the application on business.



All BaconEX related frequently asked questions

Why is BaconEX more secure than other centralized exchange?

BaconEX, a world’s first primitive wallet to wallet based on blockchain, is a decentralized exchange that allow users to take full control on their assets through personal wallet and smart contract. Every transactions are risk-free, fare, and transparent comparing with other centralized exchange.

The largest difference between these centralized and decentralized exchange as BaconEX are the ownership nowadays. Under some circumstances of these centralized exchange, their functionality with those central banks and exchanges are much more alike:

1) With only one ownership
2) With only one safe

The ownership of cryptocurrency or asset hold within the exchange itself in these centralized exchanges. In addition, this is the main reason that cause an exchange to vanish in a night alone with those investor’s holdings. In the contrary, this issue will never happen on a decentralized exchange like BaconEX. BaconEX does not keep the assets which you hold. All transactions are processed through smart contract temporarily until the transaction has been completed and returned to both parties’ wallet.

Why is BaconEX much faster, cheaper, and easier when making transactions than those distributed exchanges?

Decentralized exchanges (DEX) has much more of competitive advantages than those centralized exchanges. User does not rely on exchanges to keep their asset safe. It is decentralized. Even when it comes to hackers, those assets remain secure and tradable.

Based on the stats, the number of transactions seem to be 5% lesser than those centralized exchanges. But, DEX hold security advantages.

The main reasons for these DEXs are due to some frauds such as bad user experience in transaction, slow transaction speed, and less trading pairs. However, BaconEX has a solution for these issue:

1) BaconEX is capable to increase transactional speed by establishing a one-second transaction based on the Baconchain.

2) Baconchain is a public side chain that chain with the hottest cryptocurrency, allowing users to be satisfied with numerous trading pairs.

How to become a member in BaconEX?

Three steps to join:

1) Create your Bacon account with your email address. It is that simple.

2) Verify your ID for security reasons when it comes to accessing advance features.

3) Start the cryptocurrency and asset trading. Join the blockchain with 150 million users around the globe and build a decentralized world with equal shares altogether.

Could you explain what are the KYC levels in BaconEX?

The purpose of ID verification is to ensure legal rights and safety transactions. It is mandatory to earn a certain level of verification when using an advance trading feature. To prevent counter-terror and money laundry act, BaconEX has C, B, A-level of KYC.

C-level requires an email to send or receive tokens.

B-level requires an ID verification to buy or sell cryptocurrencies.

A-level ) Required a bank account to withdrawal fiat.

What are the charges on BaconEX?

It is free to register as a member in BaconEX. There is only a small transaction fees of 0.1% (BaconEX holds the right to adjust all the fees). For other related fees, please read the complete guide for service fees.

Can you explain the differences between utility tokens, security tokens, stablecoin, and commodity tokens?

Utility tokens can be referred to tokens that are based on the usage of functionality for the ecosystem in blockchain. These tokens do not correspond to legal acts. Additionally, both Litecoin and Ether are categorized as utility tokens according to the SEC. As for Baconcoin (BAK), it is legally categorized as utility token and approved by the Financial Supervisory Commission R.O.C.

Security tokens are the tokens backed by real assets. It largely refers to cash, stock, real assets, real estate, etc.

Stablecoin acts as fiat which attempts to offer price stability and are backed by a reserve asset. USDT, issued by the company Tether Ltd., is an example of stablecoin.

Commodity tokens can be referred to goods in token. It is a new class of cryptocurrencies for e-commerce. It is largely used as a delivery ticket. Since the sender is responsible for the shipment, the commodities are real. The transaction speed is fast. It does not include the cost of middleman which simplify the process of the shipment that greatly increase the speed of transaction and induce the liquidity on the secondary market. Since buyers can choose when to ship, e-commerce has a better efficiency than before. Not only that, commodity tokens can also create social effect which mean that those who bought the commodity tokens can also be displayed on their own blog or personal social media pages for a sale, allowing commodity to be cross-platform selling.

BaconEX provides smart contract, what is it?

BaconEX is the first to provide smart contract exchange in the globe.

The smart contract is created and initiated on blockchain. Similar to these contracts in paper form, it is rather a digital code that form with various legal actions or statements. When activated, it is determined to fulfill the contract agreement from both parties.

Exchanges in general allows cryptocurrency trading but only allows its trading behavior which has no connection with the cryptocurrency itself. For instance,

it is impossible to limit the behavior of deliberately throwing competitors’ token at the exchange with a lower price, crushing the price of that token’s market.

The smart contract, which is provided by BaconEX, has filled the gap. By applying smart contracts, it prevents people to sale tokens at a very low price for example. This action is based on the smart contract of a token, not an exchange or an individual’s self-regulatory.

What are the application restriction to join BaconEX?

The law in certain jurisdictions may restrict or limit the sale and purchase of cryptocurrency. BaconEX will neither accept your application nor your use of BaconEX services.

By applying BaconEX, you must be at least 20-years old and not be a citizen or resident in these countries, but not limited to Japan, European Economic Area, and the United States of America (including Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands or any other US territories).